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2015 dirinon tournament logoWe are at the beggining of the season and we already think about our next international tournament .It is also a good time to talk about it with our relations all over the world .

For sure , the Dirinon International tournament is now very famous everywhere around the world .

The 2015 edition will be good !

Stade Brestois 29 will defend his title ! Marseille wants a revenge ! AS St Etienne will be back in U11 …many other agrrements are already done and will be officialised in the next weeks .

This edition will , of course , be intercontinental ! Madagascans of Zatovo and the AS Roro will be there and already prepare their coming! Moroccans of Casablanca are also ok to join us and the Stars and stripes flag will flap in Dirinon : Kansas City will participate for the first time .Brasilians , Russians , Haitians ,English are about to come …

For more informations , you can contact JF Kerdraon

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