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Tolga Batmaz Tolga Batmaz de Istanbul a écrit le 28 mai 2018 à 11 h 33 min:
My son plays for Galatasaray U11. I have been abroad at 12 international tournaments in 2 years to watch my son.i can say this tournament was the best ever i have seen. Very well organised and has lots of fun.When you come to the football area you dont only feel win/beat/get the cup/be the winner..You feel friendship,you feel fun.Different cultures,different unuque traditional musics and clothes all around the pitches...2 critics from my side to make this tournament better
1-Some pitches like D,F,G need mauntanance.The surface is not smooth and flat enough.This makes the passings a bit difficult
2-An international organisation can not be just in French.At least there should be English as well.Some teams hardly understood the announcements
Thanks again for the organisation.Hope to meet again
Regards and good wishes from Istanbul