The Executive committee

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President : René LE MOIGNE

Person in charge Communication committee

Administrator web site : Michel BLEAS


Vice-president in charge of the Sportsman: Jean Fanch KERDRAON

Person in charge Sports committee(commission): Bertrand GUEGUEN


Vice-president in charge of the Finances and of the Material(Equipment): Alain GUYADER

  •              Treasurer : Alain GUYADER
  •              Person in charge Material committee, Stands(Pits) : José ALONSO
  •              Responsible for the secretarial department(secretariat) : Odile LE BAIL
  •              Safety manager :Jérome ABGRALL


Vice-president in charge of the Welcome(Reception), Volunteers  : Mélanie KERMARREC

  •             Person in charge commision Welcome(Reception) : Mélanie KERMARREC
  •             Person in charge Supplies committee : Nathalie KERANDEL
  •             Persons in charge Entrances committee : Yvon KERLEGUER ,René MALGORN
  •             Person in charge committee(commission) the Restoration: Anne Marie KERDRAON
  •             Person in charge Sustainable and united Development : Arnaud CLUGERY


Vice-president in charge of the Partnership : Olivier KERDRAON


  • Philippe LE BERRE                               
  • Karine KERDRAON            
  • Bernard SCAO                   
  • Erwan MORVAN                 
  • François HABASQUE
  • Didier PICARD
  • Françoise NEDELEC
  • Anne COLIN